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Charcoal Companion Grill Station


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The versatile Grill Station® allows you to marinate, store, chill, and serve food while keeping accessories close at hand. The Grill Station® includes four essential pieces to keep raw and cooked food separate while grilling. One large tray is clearly marked RAW, while the other is marked COOKED to eliminate confusion and cross-contamination. The single lid fits both food trays, and the trays stack to cover the bottom tray. The tool accessory bin hooks to the food tray edge to conveniently store your tools right where you need them. Ridges on the inside of the food trays allow marinade to flow freely for even marinating. Tray contents and date can be labeled with a dry-erase pen for food safety. The Grill Station® can also be used to keep chilled food cold while serving by filling one tray with ice and setting the other tray containing chilled food on top of the ice tray.
  • Make one trip out to the grill – carry your raw food, a serving tray for cooked food, and your gear All in one set
  • One tray marked raw and one tray marked cooked lessens risk of cross-contamination
  • Raw tray has ridges in base for marinating food
  • Labeling surface on trays to mark contents and date with dry-erase pen
  • Use trays to keep chilled food cold while serving
  • Accessory caddy hooks on side of tray for easy access to sauces, seasonings, utensils
  • Power Source Type: Manual

Brand: Charcoal Companion
Manufacturer: Charcoal Companion


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