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Cooper Discoverer SRX All-Season Tire – 275/45R20 110V


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The Cooper Discoverer SRX All-Season 275/45R20 110V Tire uses innovative technology like a new coupled silica compound, Wear Square Visual Indicator and 3D Micro Gauge Siping to provide real-life performance, in real-life conditions. The Discoverer SRX blends technology and advanced engineering to deliver confident all-season performance for a wide range of trucks, CUVs and SUVs. The 3-D MICRO-GAUGE SIPES are an innovative technology that allows the tread elements of the tire to interlock which stabilizes the tread. This maximizes tread contact with the road surface to grip the road better, significantly increasing traction in wet conditions and light snow, and resulting in superior handling. Micro-gauge sipes also reduce potential stones captured in the tread. The WEAR SQUARE is a visual wear indicator so that as your tire wears the shape of the visual wear indicator will change allowing you to approximate the tread life remaining on your tires. Knowing the approximate tread life remaining on your tires can give you more confidence in your vehicle. The STABILEDGE is the bumper strategically located in several grooves of the tire’s tread which help stabilize the tread elements during driving conditions enhancing the steering precision while providing a better feel for the road. The Stabiledge feature also assists in keeping the grooves open at the ‘tire-to-road’ contact area providing good traction. The Cooper Discoverer SRX is designed to provide a long tread life and maximize ride comfort for a wide range of trucks, CUVs and SUVs.

Features: Size 275/45R20, Season: All-Season, Performance: Highway, Car Type: Truck/SUV, Load Range: XL
Tire Size: 275/45R20
Vehicle Type: Car
Tire Width: 275 mm
Wheel Diameter: 20 Inches
Tire Speed Rating: V
Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG): 700 A A
Tire Traction Rating: A
Tire Treadwear Rating: 700
Tire Season: All-Season
Tread Depth: 12/32
Brand: Cooper Tires
Assembled Product Weight: 38 lb
Model: 253411
Manufacturer Part Number: 166607019
Manufacturer: Cooper


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