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Ovente 2-in-1 Electric Grill and Griddle


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Versatile, Efficient, and Easy to Clean
Its versatility goes beyond your typical grilled fare—you have the option to cook anything that cooks in a griddle or skillet too. From blueberry pancakes to juicy, grilled steaks, this grill/griddle does it all! It comes equipped with 1700 Watts of power, which allows it to instantly heat up and cook food faster than conventional grills or griddles. All removable parts are dishwasher safe (except for the temperature controller). The drip tray and base are cleaned easily from hand washing in warm, soapy water.

Heavy-Duty and Portable
Perfect for family vacations, picnics, and all types of occasions. It was designed for easy storage, making it great for both indoor and outdoor use. You can even store it upright by standing it up opposite of the Ovente logo.

Healthy Grilling and Cooking at the Right Temperature
Comes with a grill holes that drain excess fats and a drip tray to catch it all for a more healthy and delicious meal! The adjustable and removable temperature controller is very user-friendly, and once attached, it heats up the grill instantly. It also comes with a heat-tempered glass lid, which keeps your food hot, moist, and crispy while preventing any messes.

-Style: Electric
-Material: Ceramic Non-Stick, Stainless Steel
-Wattage: 1700 Watts
-Measurements: 20.1 x 14.4 x 4.7 inches, 10 x 15.5 inch Plate Size
-Features: Reversible Grill & Griddle, Temperature Control Knob, Drip Tray, Removable Glass Cover, Scraper

  • 2-in-1 Healthy Grill & Griddle – Detachable and reversible ceramic non-stick coated plates come with grill holes that drain excess fats and oils and a drip tray to catch it all with ease.
  • Precise Heat – We know that getting the right temperature is crucial to making a delicious meal so we included an adjustable/removable temperature control knob for precise heat settings.
  • Presentable & Practical – The removable heat-tempered glass cover not only makes your dish look highly presentable it also keeps your food hot moist and crispy while preventing splatters and messes.
  • Efficient – 1700-Watts (120V) of power is ideal for grilling or searing steaks chicken fish chops burgers and vegetables.
  • Incredible value – Get more bang for your buck—get 2 cookware for the price of 1! This grill/griddle also comes with a free scraper and recipes in the manual.
  • US-based Customer Service lets you buy with confidence. Ovente warranties that the product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and conditions, for 1 year from the original purchase date.

Features: Heat Tempered Glass Lid, Reversible
Brand: Ovente
Manufacturer Part Number: GR2001B
Manufacturer: Ovente
Model: GR2001B
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 20.10 x 14.40 x 4.70 Inches


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